Thursday, May 10, 2012

Japanese Drugstore Beauty Hauls

Is this what you've been waiting for? ;) I was going to post more random Tokyo pics but decided to give you the unveiling of my haul instead. So...without further ado, here it is! *applause*

Not everything I bought is for myself, some are gifts and also for my giveaway winners. However I just thought you might like to feel the joy of my hauls, lol. It's probably not as amazing as what you'd dream of hauling yourself. I think what i hauled most was hair care! My hair had been rather dry before leaving (but quickly turning oily on hot days) so I really wanted to start using hair oils etc. in attempt to revitalize my hair to be healthy and shiny again. (Me = Leo, therefore my hair is my crown and shining glory...or it should be! *smiles* )

Everything here came from drugstores and costs no more than 1,000 yen or $12 (damn USD -> JPY conversion rate). I've yet to open and use any of these but will definitely post reviews and more pictures once I do. :)

Ma Cherie (Shiseido)

Ma Cherie is a hair care line from Shiseido that I don't see kept well-stocked (if at all) in big Japanese markets like Mitsuwa and Marukai. The packaging is very girly and I've read that the fragrance is very sweet and perfume-y.

Shiseido Ma Cherie Hair Oil

This was highly recommended to me by Blair and seems to get good reviews online. I was surprised because I thought it seemed a bit small at first (60mL, fits in my hand) but it is definitely cheaper compared to the beloved Moroccan hair oil. I ended up getting two bottles, just in case I really love it! (Mine came with free eyebrow razors, keke).


Shiseido Ma Cherie Curl Set Lotion

I decided to grab this and give it a try too since I love my Lucido-L curl water and want to see how it compares.


Shiseido Hadasui Skin & Body Lotion

This isn't really something I need or was planning to buy but it was only about 400 yen, which is about half the price that I've seen it for here and online. It's basically a natural mineral water that you can use as a toner on your skin and even hair treatment. The pink version is the moisturizing variety (water cream?).


Lots of Essential! It's so cheap in Japan (it really is a drugstore brand) and I already knew that some of their hair products have worked well for me (read my past review). Hmm I was tempted to stock up on the shampoo refill bags which were very cheap (about 300-400 yen), but I'd passed since I've been thinking of switching to something more gentle and perhaps natural/organic.

KAO Essential Hair Essence in Nuance Airy & Rich Premier

I bought both because I am greedy. =X No, just kidding, it's because they're actually targeted for different purposes. The pink Nuance Airy is an anti-frizz serum whereas the orange Rich Premiere is a nourishing care lotion. Both are leave-in treatments that promise better hair.


KAO Essential Treatment Water in Nuance Airy & Rich Premier

More leave-in treatment stuff, only these are spray and water type. At this point I figured "just throw it in the bag." You probably noticed I bought both Nuance Airy and Rich Premiere; it's so I can try the airy one for spring and summer and the rich one in colder seasons.

KAO Essental Ultra Honey & Shea Butter Intensive Hair Masks in Nuance Airy & Rich Premier

I absolutely love the Rich Premier hair mask, which makes my hair ultra soft and smooth and silky to touch. However I stopped stocking up on Sasa since the price was raised from about $7 to almost $10. I believe these were about 500-600 yen (receipts are somewhere).



Lucido-L Designing Aqua Water Curl Lotion (Airy)

This is my favorite to use whenever I curl my hair so I already knew it works well and just wanted more, keke. Whenever I let a friend try it, that person is always impressed and wants it for herself! It holds curls very well and for a long time, but doesn't flake or make my hair feel sticky or stiff and inflexible. It also smells nice, like apples. To be honest I don't remember how much it costs at Mitsuwa, but it was about 800-900 yen, I believe.


Rohto Z!, Rohto Lycee (contacts), Rohto Lycee Eye Drops

I and I'm pretty sure most people who've tried any, love using these Japanese eye drops, which seemed ridiculously cheap in Tokyo compare to the prices I've seen online! These were only about 400-500 yen each. I bought some as gifts also.


DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

This DHC Cleansing Oil caught my eye because of the Disney packaging, haha, yes, I''m a sucka. I only bought the Daisy one though and I do think the cleansing oil works well so I'll be sure to use it. I would have picked up the Mild Touch Cleansing Oil but I didn't see it again before leaving.

Onto the drugstore cosmetics...hands down, my favorite brand must have been Canmake. Canmake is really affordable in Tokyo but you will always find it marked up online or in other countries. I think part of its charm is that it's good quality for drugstore price, so I'm not sure if it's worth buying at marked up prices and I'm lucky I've never had to.


Canmake Candy Wrap Lip Glosses in 01, 02 Navel Drop (2x), 03 Peach Shower (L to R)

These are their newest lip glosses and have moisturizing agents like hyaluronic acid. Canmake Nudy Glow lip glosses were favorites of mine so I'm looking forward to trying these and seeing how they stack up.


Canmake Cream Cheek Blush in 07 Coral Orange and 13 Love Peach

I'd gotten a lot of comments recommending these to me...but do you want to know a secret? I already had 01, 05, 07, and 08. I did still swatch other colors but unfortunately the one I liked best, 02 Cherry Pink, is being discontinued and was out of stock. These are actually for my Tokyo giveaway winner.


Canmake Agebuto Mascara

"Send out mega-powerful ♥ love signals with your lashes!!!" Oh really? keke I just had to get this mascara since I've heard good things about the Canmake Gokubuto mascara, but I chose this one so I rank curling power over volume in mascara (this promises curl, volume, and definition).


Cezanne Lasting Cheek Blush in 02

I picked up this cream blush since I didn't get any Canmake Cream Cheek blushers for myself and this was only about 600 yen. The color is "pink" but I don't think it's a true pink, more of a pinky peach. Quality-wise, I noticed when swatching on my hand and arms (haha, yes, arms), the Canmake Cream Cheek seemed to be more smooth whereas this creased, but we'll see how it turns on my actual face.


D.U.P Eyelash Fixer EX (Clear)

This was also highly recommended to me by Blair and although I wasn't in dire need of a new eyelash glue, I decided to get at least one to try once I'm finished with my current DollyWink eyelash glue. I wasn't sure if clear was better than black but I chose it for the girly, pink packaging.

Kracie (Kanebo)

Lastly, I picked up these Kracie masks which were on sale for less than 400 yen each, steal! I'd already bought tons in Seoul so I didn't go crazy in Tokyo.

Kanebo Kracie Hadabisei Moisturizing Facial Masks (4 pieces)

Hm you probably know by now that ever since I'd gotten into using sheet masks that I never run out, keke, so here's adding to my never-ending supply!


Kanebo Kracie Hadabisei Tightening Facial Masks (4 pieces)

I'd posted a review on this while ago.

That's it! Are you...underwhelmed? I  know there are soooo many popular cosmetics and Japanese brands, but I think I may have been shopped out from Seoul and truthfully, I know I already have more than enough makeup (I'd only just started using my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette during this trip), so I was pretty good at not buying too much and also didn't splurge on high end items either. Mayyybe someday in the future I will lust and have to get my hands on something, but for now, I'm quite content. ^_^


  1. omg super jelly of your haul!! Am kinda surprised you bought mostly haircare, but I guess when you probably have more than enough makeup to last you a lifetime... haha. Anyways, I love everything you bought, so funny how so many things were bought in multiples though XD

  2. Omg I'm so jealous that you were in Tokyo!!  Love your super fab haul  XD

    (Thank you for following :)

  3. nice haul Diana! wow I salute you for lugging so much liquid items LOL. Yes I hope you like Navel drop as much as I do!

  4. LOL I didn't really notice but you're right, I bought lots of multiples, either to give to others or to have extras for myself! I think I was shopped out by the time I'd gotten to Tokyo, although not sure if I would have hauled more had I gone there before Korea. Maybe next time, if I get a chance again (and if the conversion rate was more in my favor!).

  5.  Thanks! LOL had to take advantage of checking in baggage! Thank you for helping me shop and recommending products to me! I'll definitely put the Navel Drop to use, most likely this weekend!

  6.  Aw thank you! Truthfully I was a little lost and tired while there, so hope to get another trip someday to really take full advantage of being in Tokyo! =)

  7. ohmy!! i love all your hauls!!Their packaging never fails to impress me!! just by looking at the packaging, im sold! haha! i'm a sucker for cute and lovely packaging!lolz~ Wow! I can't believe that those eye drops are just around 400/500 yen! Im an avid user of rohto z and the price sold here is thrice the amount! Talk about markups!! geezh!~ lovely items you got there!! ^_^~

  8. so many products >___<" i wanna go Japan and stock up now!! OMG. I thought it was me seeing things with the price increases on sasa~ :'( slightly sad it's getting a tad bit more expensive now. I'd love to see reviews on the hair masks and treatments when you get around to using them! 

  9. I just caught up on all your Korea and Japan posts! What an epic trip!! Again, I feel like I missed out on meeting you and nic nic...Next time, somewhere in the world ;-) What an amazing haul. Holiday shopping is the best!

  10. I am completely and totally impressed! I love shopping in Japan!

  11. OOOO super nice haul!! I am making a mental note of all the haircare products you mentioned. Definitely going to get the Lucido-L water curl!! Please let us know how you like the Shiseido oil too. I keep wanting to get Morrocan oil but it's SO DAMN EXPENSIIIIVEEE.

    ...ACTUALLY...I think they sell those Kanebo Kracie Hadabisei masks in Shanghai in Watsons. They look really familiar. I never realised they were by Kanebo. I am very distrustful of most things in China unless I recognise the brand. They often stick Japanese or Korean on the front of cosmetics when in fact it's made in China and is a Chinese brand...super dodgy. Anyway, since I know now I'll probably get some! XD

  12. That's a lot of haircare!! A shame that I can only feast my eyes on Essential once I stop by Singapore. But I can't lug back shampoos (heavy liquid items) my arms aren't strong enough hahaha

    Underwhelmed? Not at all! Thoroughly enjoyed looking at what you purchased and knowing that I enabled some of them makes me very happy!

  13. That is an amazing haul!!!!! I'm drooling over those Lycee drops, I hear that they are great.   Enjoy your beautiful & shiny hair.  =) 

  14. Wow you bought pretty a lot of stuff! :D I love the essence hair line too! But the spray thing doesn't work for me, we have much better ones in Germany. But I still use the butter hair mask which does a pretty good job! Hair is so important! (:
    I never tried the Rohto Eye Drops but I'll def. stock some before flying back! Oh I have to buy so many things before going home, dunno how to get all the stuff home at once ><

  15. woaaa amazing haul, Diana!
    applause, indeed.  ;D

  16. Wow, what a haul! To be honest, I was expecting more or at least I would expect to buy a lot if I was in Japan... hehe~ You're strong to hold back! :)

  17. LOVE your haul!! Canmake!! <3 and omg that the Disney packaging is adorable!!

  18. oh..em..gee  you can open your own store! LOVE the lycee drops! not that you need more makeup... but i'm doing a mini eyelash giveaway on my blog. i may start writing again or start a new blog overall. either way, enter so i'll feel special!

  19. oh..em..gee  you can open your own store! LOVE the lycee drops! not that you need more makeup... but i'm doing a mini eyelash giveaway on my blog. i may start writing again or start a new blog overall. either way, enter so i'll feel special!

  20. LOL I know, right? Maybe in the future! jk and yes, start writing again, please!

  21. Thank you! You've tried other Rohto eye drops, right? I've only tried the Lycee so far. And yay, I just saw your video about your favorite hair products too. Hair care is important! keke

  22. Lolol what wouldn't a girl do to haul beauty products back home? Lug around over 100 lbs/50 kg or more of luggage? Done! :P Aww talking to you makes me wish I was still in Asia, hehe, I want to visit Singapore someday too! Thank you for all of your enabling!

  23. The Lucido-L Water Curl is magic!! I really love it, so much better than using hairspray for curls. I feel the same about Morrocan oil, sooo expensive, is it really worth it and that much better than all the other hair oil products out there? Gosh, I hope not, hehe, but thanks for reminding me I should start using the Shiseido oil soon!

    Ohhh I really liked Watsons in Seoul! Do they sell the Hadabisei masks for cheap in Shanghai? haha I must sound so frugal but I like hauling masks when they're cheap so that I know I'll actually use them!

  24. Aww you are so sweet! I think if you'd been there, I would have hauled more, lol, just judging by all of your wonderful posts and hauls from your Tokyo trip! I needed your expert guidance. :)

  25. Aw you are so sweet! I definitely hope to go again sometime in the future, within the next few years would be nice. Holiday shopping really is the best, especially going back to a clean and empty hotel room to enjoy all the goodies. Coming home to my real room and finding where to put everything away...not as nice, keke.

  26. Aww same here, I used to love stocking up and making big purchases on Sasa, hehe. Now it doesn't seem quite as worth it since not everything is as cheap as before (though I'm sure I'll still make a purchase every now and then). Oh the hair masks from Essential are really great! I really like their brand and products, just wish we could get them for as cheap as they are in Japan. Will definitely update on all the hair treatments as I put them to use!

  27. Lol I agree! I think in the past, I'd spent so much on products mostly because of the packaging. I was so surprised too when I saw that the Rohto drops were so affordable, never would have guessed the markup to be twice or thrice the amount. Definitely if you ever have the chance, stock up if you see it for close to Japan retail price!

  28. omg! can i have half of that haul??? im drooling now!!!! 

  29. woo what a haul! can't wait for your reviews of the hair care products - my hair is uber long now and I feel like I need to use more stuff to keep it looking healthy! the lycee drops are wonderful, they don't sting as much as the regular rohto drops. the daisy DHC bottle is cute :)

  30. PinkOrchidsStephMay 23, 2012 at 11:25 AM

    Great haul! The lychee face masks sounds so nice and the canmake lipglosses! 

  31. ohhhhhh awesome haul!!! and u were saying u didn't buy that much hahahaha i love the lucido curling spray, i THINK it makes my hair stay curled longer..or mb it's the placebo effect lmao

  32.  Oh yes! I just got a haircut last week so my hair's starting to feel fresh and healthy again. I haven't tried any of the regular rohto drops, do you like any of them? I forgot to post the pic of the Minnie DHC bottle too, hehe.

  33.  Thanks! I'll try to swatch them when I get a chance and will let you know how they are. :)

  34.  Lol did you see the comments saying they're surprised I didn't buy more?! Us bloggers. :P I really think the Lucido curling spray works! I wish the placebo effect could work, especially with skincare, lol, then I could just buy anything and tell myself it's working amazingly!


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