Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Belated Birthday Gift and New Toy

Yes, yes, my birthday was over a month ago but I decided to get myself a late birthday gift. I like to treat myself since so far, no one will ever love me like I love me, haha, and I'd rather spoil myself instead of waiting around expecting someone else to do it. =P So after much debate, I gave in and got myself my first DSLR, the Canon EOS Rebel T4i (with 18-135mm EF-S IS STM Lens). Yay!!

(Camera images from Amazon)

The lens is huge! And heavy, haha.

To be honest, I'm still a little timid to use my new toy since there is so much I don't know and need to learn! However, I'm slowly getting more comfortable with it. I've bought it out a couple of times so far just so I can get more familiar with it. (I also need a camera bag; I'm thinking of making my own, and I'm also thinking of getting a pancake lens so that it'll be easier for me to carry around.)

Here are some pictures from dinner at I Luv Sushi (I really do love sushi!).

Sexy Girl. Shrimp tempura and jalapeno, topped with mango.

Sunrise on Second Street. Spicy shrimp and crab, topped with tuna.

They were having a special of 6 rolls for only $30 (from a select menu). Sorry I couldn't fit it all into one pic, keke.

Clockwise from top right: Sexy Girl, Jaws Special, Sunrise on Second Street, Crunchy Roll, Lynn Special.

Since I'm still new, awkward and shy with my camera, I get the occasional accidental shots like these below, hehe.

My JewelMint Lucky Charms necklace (it's currently on sale for only $9!). Now will you believe me when I say I'm medium-tanned and not light skinned? lol

My Coach bag (from Desert Hills Premium Outlets), my jacket, my pink wallet and my Canon ELPH camera.

Yesterday was my friend's birthday so we spent the day hanging out in downtown Long Beach, near The Pike and the light house at the harbor. This area has a lot of memories for me, since I used to go there often for dinners, clubs, bike riding, etc (but I prefer it more at night, hehe).

A view of Shoreline Village. I went here a lot as a kid, hehe.

Is anyone else watching The Great Food Truck Race on The Food Network? (My favorite channel, by the way, along with the Cooking Channel!) This is actually the same location where they filmed the first episode of the current season. (I'm rooting for Seoul Sausage to win! Those boys crack me up. "Have you heard of K-Pop? We're Korean pop artists in America. We're doing a cooking competition." lol oops, sorry for digressing!)

We had dinner at Star BBQ or Byul Dae Po 별 대 포, since the birthday girl was craving for all-you-can-eat (AYCE) Korean BBQ. We were starving and after a bit of waiting, we immediately devoured plates after plates of meat (beef brisket or chadol 차돌, bulgogi 불거기, samgyupsal 삼겹살, spicy samgyupsal 매운 삼겹살, and kalbi 갈비), side dishes 반찬, steamed egg bowls and kimchi jiggae 김치 찌개. Stuffed! There's also a small frozen yogurt machine in the restaurant so I had small, dainty little cups of that too. Not bad for $16 per person, right?

The restaurant looks like a barn from the outside, but it has nicely lit entrances to the parking lots.

I think some of my future posts will contain a mix of photos taken from both my DSLR and my point-and-shoot, until I get better at using my new camera, so please bear with me. =)

How was your weekend?


  1. The Rebel T4i??!?!?!? I can only dream of ever affording it! XDDD ~! Well props to you. It's nice to treat yourself with something like a fancy new DSLR!
    It takes such beautiful pictures...I have great envy!

  2. Can't wait to see pictures from your adventures.

  3. Woot! Love my DSLR!
    the 50mm lens is <$100, it's a great lens!

  4. i love the photos *A* the camera is beautiful!! ^^ look forward to more amazing photos. and you're right, no one can ever pamper you like yourself! XD

  5. Less than $100?! Omg, thanks for letting me know!

  6. Aww one day you will!! I've wanted one for years and now that I have one, I was worried about not being able to use it well but I have to tell myself that teenagers who are half my age can use these! (I'm envious of those teenagers who didn't have to earn the money to buy it themselves, keke.) =)

  7. Great camera!! :)That is one massive treat that you deserve. ^^

    mm. Sushi is one of my favourite food. Korean food is too.

    Downtown Long beach sounds and looks a amazing! It's def. a place that I will visit.... after Shoreline village. ^^ The village is so colourful. I just looked at the website and there are so many activites and restaurants to pick from. :P


  8. the photos look great!!! a bit of practice & u will be pro soon XD
    and omgggg the BBQ place looks so cute & awesome deal too. we must go when i am visiting again hehehe

  9. wow great new toy there! XD Apparently pancake lenses do exist for Nikon too.. maybe I should check that out as well haha

    beautiful place there too Diana, thanks for sharing :D

  10. Yay for the new cam! I got mine with my very first salary ever and I still don't know everything about it. I don't like to read instructions so I learn step by step and by making mistakes of course. Loved the introduction of your post, it's the same way I think too! ;D

  11. wow your you cam looks gorgeous!
    pictures look great. ;)

    (i like your mint/turquoise top! ^-^)

  12. Happy Birthday!! Man does the T4i come with the 18-135? usually it's just the 18-55 that's included in the kit. I have no idea what I'd even use a 135 for, do you plan to do lots of bird watching?xD
    The pancake lens is AWESOME! so much better than the 50mm, for $100 I'd definitely get the pancake over the 50, it's great for blogging!

  13. Lovely camera! I did think about getting a DSLR, but I'm really clueless about its functions and like you said, there's so much to learn. Hope to see more photos from it.

    Love the entrance to that restaurant! So pwetty

  14. A DSLR's a nice way to reward yourself!!! Making your own camera bag? D, you can sew/use the sewing machine?!

  15. Aw thank you. Yes! That area can be a bit sketchy during the day but it's really nice at night. I loved going there for dinners, etc. =)

  16. LOTS and LOTS of practice, lol. And yes! We will definitely get kbbq when you visit again. I will make sure you will leave LA/OC with happy taste buds and a tummy, hehe.

  17. Ohh you should! I can't wait to play with the pancake lens. I think Nikon made pancake lenses before Canon too so you might have more options to choose from. =)

  18. Ohh that's awesome! I feel the same! I read parts of the manual and everything sounds simple, and then when I try to use the camera I feel completely clueless. I'll definitely be learning like a slow tortoise and making mistakes too, hehe. =P

  19. Thanks Lena! Mint/turquoise has been my favorite color of the summer, lol. <3

  20. Thanks Nunu! They have both options for the kit, so I had to debate quite a bit over which one to get. I choose the 135 so I can take some stalker-riffic pictures of celebrities, idols, and eye candy if ever needed! LOL ;)

    And thank you for your input! I was also wondering which one to get. I'm really happy to hear the pancake is great for blogging since I'd read it's not so great for portraits. I also hope it'll help me feel more comfortable learning to use the camera. =)

  21. Thanks Joey! Aw I love my point-and-shoot but I started to get a bit frustrated with some of its limitations, like warping my close ups of product pictures or just simply not being able to catch beautiful scenes the way I see them. I hope that now that I have the DSLR, I will have no other choice but to learn to use it well or else have a very expensive paperweight, lol. =P

  22. LOL aw Blair, why did you have to call me out? I did learn to sew a long, long, longggggg time ago but haven't in ages. I'm thinking that if I can't do it...my mommy can! kekekeke XD


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