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Review: SkinFood Facial Water Vita-B and Vita-C Series

After finishing my Innisfree Green Tea face cream, I switched to this SkinFood Facial Water Vita-C Face Cream that I had used before and wanted to finish before trying a new moisturizer. Since I hadn't reviewed it before, or the Vita-B Face Cream, I thought I'd combine them into one blog post.

Just a quick breakdown:

Vita-A is for dry skin type (deep hydration)
Vita-B is for oily skin type (refreshing hydration)
Vita-C is for normal skin/all skin types (vital hydration)

I actually started with Vita-B first during the summer, and then switched to Vita-C. In general, my skin type is dry but it is more combination during the warm seasons. This means I like using light moisturizers in spring and summer, and then usually something deeply hydrating in the winter.


(taken from website)

A facial water cream that instantly fills thirsty skin with the hydrating energy of Vita A/Vita B/Vita C complex and Alaska glacier water.

Alaska is on initial source of water covered with over 20,000-year-old glaciers. Alaska glacier water is fresh water at mildly alkaline pH, enriched with oxygen, minerals and ions.

Vita A Complex Story
This complex delivers rich hydration with effective ingredients from vitamin A-enriched pumpkin, carrot, tomato and apple.

Vita B Complex Story
This complex delivers rich yet non-greasy hydration with effective ingredients from vitamin B-enriched cabbage, broccoli, celery and asparagus.

Vita C Complex Story
This complex delivers revitalizing hydration with effective ingredients from vitamin C-enriched berries - Rasberry, acai berry, cranberry, and strawberry.


Ingredients are listed in English on the packaging but just a quick FYI, some of the ingredients are water, butylene glycol, glycerin, methylparaben, and parfum; there are no oils (may be different for Vita A, I can't confirm since I didn't use that one), mineral oil or petrolatum.


  • Use after mist or essence application. Apply an ample amount onto the face and pat gently until the cream is absorbed completely.
  • Refrigerate before use to enjoy a cooling skin treatment. When you experience unusual exhaustion and stress, apply liberally and use it as a hydrating mask pack.


varies but I believe the Korean retail price is about $13 for 75g

Where to Buy

Skin Food stores, although I bough mine online from this eBay store. When I saw these at the California Skin Food stores, they were about $24 plus tax. The ebay store sells it for $12.99 plus $3 shipping.


♥ feels light on skin
♥ affordable at Korean retail price
♥ simple and cute packaging
♥ jar is made of glass, not plastic
♥ has English on packaging, including list of ingredients


♥ no WOW factor

My Thoughts

These are light-weight, oil-free and water-based facial moisturizers that work really well for warm months and those who don't want heavy or sticky feeling face creams. The consistency is more like a watery gel than a cream. It absorbs quickly and easily.  It really does feel very "waterful" but not watery, if that makes any sense.

They're surprisingly hydrating, considering how light they feel. Of course, the moisturizing power varies from Vita-B to Vita-C to Vita-A (yes, in that order). I found that Vita-B worked well in the summer for my combination skin and oily T-zone, but as the weather cools down, my skin gets less oily and so I reach for Vita-C to get more hydration.

The jars are actually clear and the creams have a pale hint of color (green for Vita-B and pink for Vita-C). Vita-C has a fruity-floral scent that I find more pleasant than Vita-B.

I also used them with the accompanying mists, but I must say the mists were not impressive at all. Vita-B had a very strong, off-putting scent of alcohol. Vita-C did not smell as harshly but it was apparent that it also contained alcohol. This always baffles me a bit since alcohol in general is dehydrating and drying, and yes, I can feel its effect in the mists. I think for the price, which is only a few dollars less than the creams, there are better, more refreshing mists out there that actually cost much less.

Would I repurchase?

Hm, I would say most likely not, at least not for myself. Although these work well for light moisturizers and are very affordable, I do prefer slightly more moisturizing creams and more creamy types versus these gel types. I liked them but didn't find anything that stood out to make me repurchase these rather than trying other products.

I also received some SkinFood samples when I'd ordered these and still have yet to show you my SkinFood haul from Korea! I'll give you a hint: it will include the next moisturizer I'll be trying out very soon. ;)

SkinFood still remains to be a pretty popular brand in Korea. What's your experience like with their products?


  1. I love skin food products! :) Most of them anyway. ^^

    I prefer cream too rather than gel too.

    I'm thinking of buying some more Korean products, I'll probs get it from the person you purchased from on ebay. :) Thanks.

  2. I love skinfood reviews, while they're not my fav brand their prices are nice so when their products are good it feels like you're getting more than you paid for. ^_^ I'm interested in trying Vita B after your terrifically thorough review.

  3. I'm tried quite a few skinfood products but none of them really wow's me. The effect were good but not excellent for me..~

  4. I really liked the Seaweed cleanser from Skinfood and their wash off masks are really moisturizing!...but my experience with the peach sake serum was quite bad. It made me break out. ;(
    This cream sounds quite nice for summer. I know what you mean though. I need to have an "omg" moment with a product to really stick to it!

  5. I think I've only used one Skin food product and it broke me out T___T I prefer cream over gel as well, i find gel to be too heavy for my skin - i always break out when i try gel products over cream.. its weird. looking forward to the skinfood haul :D The packaging for it is always appealing XD

  6. another nice comprehensive review! :)

    i've only tried two products from the brand and they worked fine for me, but i thought about the same thing, "no wow factor" lolz
    i prefer cosmeceutical companies for my core skincare since i need some serious help. ;)

  7. ThanQ very much for these reviews! I really need something oil-free but moisturizing, so gonna buy Skin Food creams :)

  8. Thank you for this review! I didn't know the difference between Vita A, B and C. Luckily, I purchased the correct one: I used the Vita-B cream during last winter and it was fantastic for my oily skin: no break-outs, no greasiness and super moisturizing! Now I'm using the Lettuce and Cucumber cream, but no wow-feeling... I think I'll repurchase the Vita-B one, I liked it very much.

  9. Ooooh, which eBay seller did you get em from? *shifty eyes* I'm itching to buy something, anything!

  10. I purchased the Vita B line, mist and cream and wasn't too impressed!

  11. i haven't had any luck with skinfood products either so i kinda stopped buying them. i'm curious to try naruko products, have you tried any yet?

  12. I haven't actually tried skincare from Skinfood... its a shame none of it really wowed you. I guess it's pretty budget (based on Korean RRP). I think it's aimed at the younger (teen) audience? All the over 20s buy expensive counter brands!

  13. cute jar! I don't think SF ever worked for me... I'm starting venturing out into more Korean skin care though :D Thanks for the detailed review Diana!

  14. No prob! It's always good to shop around for the best prices, especially when you consider shipping too. SkinFood still remains so popular in Korea! :)

  15. SkinFood is still super popular in Korea after all these years! I think because they offer such a wide range of products and have cute packaging. =)

  16. I want to be wowed! hehe I'm guessing maybe SkinFood is best for younger girls and those who don't expect a lot from their skin care products, hehe.

  17. Oh I haven't tried any of their cleansers but I do like some of their wash-off masks too! Ahh so sorry to hear that the peach sake serum made you break out. It was one of the first things I'd tried from SkinFood and I'd liked it. I'm still going to try a few more SkinFood items and if they don't wow me, I'll probably stick with the more "grown up" skin care brands, hehe.

  18. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that. I do think SkinFood has cute packaging and marketing concept, maybe that's what makes them still so popular!

  19. Lol I doubt you need serious help! You have beautiful, flawless skin! I think you are right though, I like cosmeceutical or natural products, especially as I am now aging rapidly! :)

  20. Oil-free is always good! You should also check out Innisfree. I like that they're a natural skin care brand and they're affordable too!

  21. Ohhh I was the same! lol Otherwise I would have tried Vita A for dry skin, but instead I got B and C. I'm glad to hear it worked well for you! It's interesting that you prefer it over the Lettuce and Cucumber cream. :)

  22. LOL I linked it in the post, it's . Really reasonable pricing and shipping! Let me know if you buy something. I want to know what you get!

  23. Ah yeah, seems it's hit-or-miss. I'd seen some reviews where people absolutely LOVE it, but I just wasn't one of them.

  24. I'm curious which products you tried from SkinFood! I have a few more, newer products I think, so I'll give them a last try and if it doesn't work out, I'll probably stop buying too.

    I'm curious about Naruko products too, but I get a bit overwhelmed at their many lines. I've tried an eye cream and it was okay, and I have a gel moisturizer waiting to be used, hehe.

  25. Hehe I think it depends, but definitely agree it's not "serious" skin care even though some of the products are supposed to be for more troublesome skin types. It is affordable though and the packaging is cute. I think I'll have to move on to the more expensive Korean brands next time though!

  26. SkinFood has cute packaging and marketing! It gets me every time, lol. Korean skin care is pretty affordable though, even the more expensive brands aren't too bad so not a bad thing to venture into! :)

  27. I love Asian packaging. They're so cute! When it comes to Korean skincare line, I tend to like Amore, LacVert, and so on. I've had good experiences with them.

    Thanks for the telling use the eBay seller! I might buy some.

  28. Seems legit, after all I am a sucker for cute packaging ^_^


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