Friday, October 26, 2012

SkinFood Haul

Hi everyone! I have missed you all so much! Where did the last three weeks go?! They just flew by, without leaving me a moment to blog. Aside from my makeup artistry class, I also started a new side job which has been taking up most of my free time. I'm really sorry I just disappeared but I simply didn't have the time. Please forgive me? I will try to make time for blogging. *fingers crossed*

Moving you may already know, SkinFood is one of the most popular affordable skin care brands in Korea. Aside from being very affordable (as in drugstore prices; each item below cost less than $20 USD), they have really cute packaging for all their many skin care lines, the most popular of which is probably the Peach Sake line. I have tried some of their products, which have varied between hit-or-miss for me, but I just couldn't resist the attractive pricing and packaging while I was in Korea.

Without further ado, I present to you my SkinFood haul!

As you can see, they gave me tons of samples! In my experience, SkinFood definitely has the best "service" (the samples are referred to as free "service" in Korea).

Samples samples samples!! or Service service service!!

I went specifically searching for the SkinFood Royal Honey Hydro Cream, since my skin type is dry, especially during the winter.

Doesn't the packaging look so nice? I also got the SkinFood Royal Honey Hydro Essence.

So far, the weather here has been moodily shifting between cool and very warm, which has made my skin dry-combination. Therefore using both the essence and cream on some days leaves my face rather oily, so I have to adjust each day between using only the essence, or essence with light dabs of cream (avoiding my t-zone). I definitely don't recommend the cream for oily skin types.

I've been concerned about the appearance of my eyes (ugh, dark circles, bags, fine lines, you name it) so I opted for the SkinFood Royal Honey Eye Cream, which claims to have anti-wrinkle effect. I haven't used this yet though.

This SkinFood Royal Honey Nutrition Cream also claims to have anti-wrinkle effect. Can you tell I don't want to look old?! I plan on using this after I've finished the Honey Hydro Cream.

So now you know...I have enough skin care to last me for quite a while, hehe. Skin care is really important to me though, especially since my skin is dry so I'm always trying to make sure it stays hydrated. I was not blessed with perfect skin so I put a lot of effort into just making it at least look and feel normal.

I also picked up the SkinFood Milk Smooth Hand Cream, SkinFood Shea Butter Hand Lotion, and SkinFood Sugar Hand Cream. I use hand cream every time I wash my hands, so I know I can go through them somewhat quickly. The Milk Smooth Hand Cream was not what I'd expected. The texture reminded me of petrolatum and it didn't smell like milk, but reminded me more of rice water. The Sugar Hand Cream is rather sticky and also resembles petrolatum, but perhaps a thicker version. Of the three, I prefer the Shea Butter Hand Lotion the most.

Of course, I had to pick up some boxes of sheet masks. I got the SkinFood Hydro Fitting Yeast Masks (pore care), SkinFood Hydro Fitting Seaweed Masks (soothing), and SkinFood Hydro Fitting Snail Masks (hydration). Yes, I am now well stocked on masks.

I also got the SkinFood Black Sugar Mask (wash off type). I've used this before and I think it not only smells good, but it makes my skin look more fresh and radiant, as well as softens it.

Lastly, I picked up the SkinFood Coffee Body Scrub. I really love this! It's nice and gritty, but neither too fine nor too coarse. It smells good, although truthfully it smells a bit like bananas to me (maybe I'm just weird). It feels similar to the Black Sugar Mask in that it is moisturizing and non-drying. Best of all, this only cost about $8 USD!

That's it for my SkinFood haul! I will try to blog at least once a week from now on. I have so, so much that I want to blog about! It does make me a little sad that I haven't been able to, and I know from now until the holidays I will only be more and more busy. I hope you can be patient with me as I will try my best, but of course, priorities come first and take up the majority, if not all, of my time.

I hope you have a great weekend and early Happy Halloween!!


  1. good to have you back! :)
    what an awesome haul!
    i've used the black sugar scrub as well. i thought it was a bit rough for my face so i used it for my body.
    the coffee scrub sounds dagerous to me. i might end up licking it off my body (not a sexy scene if you ask me ;p) since i am a coffee addict! lolz

  2. ahh so lucky, i regret so much that i didn't go on a shopping spree in korea

  3. Aw thank you! It's good to be back! I hope I can keep this up. :)

    Ahh I really miss Korea now, and all of the hauling I wish I was there doing, lol. Do you go back often to visit?

    Ohh your skin must be much more sensitive than mine. Surprisingly the black sugar scrub doesn't bother me whereas the rice mask irritated my skin (but a lot of people like that one).

    Ohh la la! Licking coffee scrub off your body sounds totally sexy! ;) Then again, I wonder if you would find it too rough since it's more gritty compared to the black sugar mask. I think I am the only one who has ever said the scent reminds me of bananas I just bananas?! kekeke

  4. Aww! How long ago were you there? At the time, I felt I hauled a lot (the money definitely disappeared quickly), but now that it's been many months since my trip, I wish I had hauled more while I was there, lol. I find myself lusting for new items, and limited edition items, now that I'm not there and have to pay lots of shipping. Boooo! =X

  5. welcome back~ I hope you're having fun at your MUA class and a5t your new side job ^.^ Wow, i love the packaging~ I wanna haul some skinood products now XD I always hear how generous Koreans are with their beauty samples *A*

  6. Nice haul Diana!!! Can't wait for you to hear about your makeup artistry classes! Are you freelancing in that area now? glad to have you back!

  7. Welcome back! I have been wondering where you have gone. You sound crazy busy. Your skinfood haul looks incredible. It makes me wanna try some of them...The packaging is v cute and you just want to smell everything. That lot of samples is huge! Excellent "service" indeed. :)

  8. Julie PDXBeautifulOctober 27, 2012 at 9:15 AM

    Great haul :) Can't wait to hear your thoughts on these products! I love all of the hand creams you got and I really like the sugar mask :)

  9. Wow they really give you a lot of samples! Nice haul!

  10. woah!~~~ that's a lot of haul!! and the packaging are just sopretty ^_~

  11. Welcome back!! :) Oh my gosh, I'm so jelly of all that SkinFood porn...haha! You weren't kidding about their generosity w/ samples. o.O They have the cutest packaging. XD

  12. your haul makes my mouth water! i love skin food! :)

  13. Great haul :)

  14. I love checking out your haul, you pick a lot of the same things I would pick (; I've been very interested in the honey line of skinfood products, and I've yet to try their sheet masks (I love sheet masks!). Naturally the coffee scrub looks great too, considering I love everything about coffee ^_^

    I hope you review those products at least, though I know it might not happen, as you'll be a bit more busy. I'm really glad you have a good side project going, though, those are the best. What are you working on?

  15. What a great haul! You sure did buy a lot from Korea. I wish I was there to buy stuff for myself... hehe~

    SkinFood does have cute packaging. I should check out the mall for their products!

  16. Ahhh I remember recommending the Royal Honey line and Shea Butter hand lotion. Yay for picking them up! The packaging is soooo cute, are they made from plastic or glass?

  17. Honestly, I've never heard of Skin Food. But that's why I love reading blogs, learning all sorts of good stuff. The sound of honey is really nice.

    Cheap Makeup Reviews | Girlie Blog Seattle

  18. I love this too ..

  19. I agree the have such cute packaging! I went crazy over SkinFood during my teenage years when they first arrived in Malaysia. The service service service is so good! So generous, right!

  20. Love the Skin Food packaging. Hvent tried ANY of their products but with this post, I will now :)

    Followed you!



    The Misty Mom

  21. Ahh!! my comment didn't go through!! :( Anyway, I was just saying that wow!! that's such a super haul :D and yeah they gave you lots of samples! love everything esp the black sugar mask!

  22. just wondering, how many sheet masks were in each box set??^^

  23. *_* that was a lot!!!omg...omg..


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