Monday, October 6, 2008

Crunch Time Vs. The Holidays

I've been thinking about it all year and now I'm finally applying for grad schools. Applying for an MFA program is different because the most important thing I'll be submitting, aside from transcripts and letters of recommendation, is my writing portfolio. My 20 or so pages of fiction have to showcase that I have great potential as a writer, and basically knock out hundreds of other writing submissions...but hey, no pressure.

The best thing that eases my mind is knowing my friend Jamie will also be applying, so we're doing it together and able to motivate each other and share information and perspectives. That's the way it's been for 10 years with us (we met in my first creative writing class in high school and both graduated from college as Creative Writing majors together) and I'm so thankful to have her. I love you, J!
My first deadline is December 1st, so I have to have everything ready within the next two months. I already know it takes top priority and means sacrificing a lot of time and fun with friends and family, particularly for the holidays, but I hope you understand and know that we'll make up for it next year. Luckily I have fond memories of last year to keep me going through this winter.

And damn it...if I don't make it into any grad schools this year, I'm so going to become a librarian!

On a less substantial subject...I love that the weather's cooling down but hate its drying effects on my skin. I've been using Hempz Hydro-Balanced Facial Moisturizer, which is very light and nice for summer, demo no bueno for fall and winter if you have dry or combination/dry skin (you like that huh, three languages in one subclause).

I've also been using the Hempz Purifying Cleanser, which isn't bad but so far isn't great either. Its best feature is that it really lasts...I've been using the same bottle daily since June/July and the bottle is still 3/4ths full. Otherwise, I'd say it feels more like a gel cleanser than a foaming one, and I'm not particularly fond of the top/way you open it.

While I'm plugging Hempz products, I might as well tell you that I'm a fan of the moisturizer, body butter, and also the hydrating shampoo and conditioner. The moisturizer smells yummy (I get compliments) and the body butter is a little more luxurious...but again, they're great for spring and fall but not moisturizing enough for me in the fall and winter. The hydrating shampoo and conditioner are great year round, very light on the fragrance and keep my hair soft and silky even though I often dye and sometimes bleach my hair. It's also gentle enough to use on colored hair so you don't have to switch if you dye or don't dye your hair.

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  1. HoooRAH... she finally Blogged!!!
    Go you and J - get your "write" on... and best of luck!!

    and Hempz..mmmmm deelish! ^__^


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