Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Pretty Pink Box Brings All The Boys to the Yard...

I just opened my pretty pink box today and it smells delicious! It's soooo girly, so pink and sweet.

This is one of those times when I love being a I can enjoy playing with makeup and beauty products, and smelling all sweet and yummy! This pretty pink box came with lots of samples to play with.

sneak peek inside...

my goodies...
My Pretty Pink Box's October's Top Sponsor is mark. so there are lots of mark. goodies. I got samples of the mark. Jewel eau de toilette, mark. Pure eau de toilette and mark. Glow Baby Glow mini lip glosses in Bubbles and Flirty Luxe...

And a full size mark. Glow Baby Glow hook up lip gloss in Sizzle. (Sorry for the blurry pic.)

Here's a sample of Body Candy Uniquely Scentual solid scent in Sugar Mama wrapped up like a piece of candy. It's perfume made with real pheromones! This one smells very warm, perfect for a soft vanilla and caramel scent or baked dessert. The website describes it as "A youthful, refreshing blend of cotton candy, strawberries, vanilla and caramel. Sweet & juicy... Reminds me of strawberry shortcake with whipped cream! Always gets noticed!" (The sample itself sells for $5.99!)

Another nice-smelling sample is the TuBella in Zen Zero perfume body oil. It has a very earthly albeit feminine scent. Think...Sleeping Beauty picking flowers in the woods. Now make her Asian and in Asia. It's a somewhat invigorating and energizing scent...with a citrus-y note. Oh, the website describes it as "slightly ginger spice, light, white tea." It's not bad, but I prefer TuBella in Delicato.

Here's a full size e.l.f. Candy Shop flavored lip gloss in Candy Fix. It's a soft, coral pink and has a sweet scent to it. Once you put it will smell the scent since it's under your's like inhaling perfume. FYI...once you put it on, you will smell nothing but the scent...some will like that, some won't. It's also creamy with a bit of a sticky sweet feeling.

Lots of DASH Minerals Makeup samples! So don't worry that you might not get your shade, because they're pretty much all here! I haven't tried mineral makeup since the first time I bought a Bare Escentuals kit (which made my nose flake so I gave it away), but I'm willing to give it another go.

And last but not least, samples of PRAI Creme de Luxe For Night and Radiant Eye Repair. Ahh I can't wait to try those tonight!

The only thing I wish I'd gotten a sample of is Pure Bliss Escentuals Virgin Coconut Sugar scrub, because I know it smells yummy, but I'm happy with the Body Candy solid perfume I'd received instead.

So ladies...I know you might be hesitant at first about buying samples, but My Pretty Pink Box is worth its price ($8.99 + shipping, the full size mark. is worth $5 and Body Candy solid perfume sample is worth $5.99), plus a portion of your purchase goes to Susan G Komen for the Cure. I knew about but never tried any of these products, and it's so nice and fun to be able to sample them all. I can't wait to see what brands will be in My Pretty Pink Box next month!

One last look at all of my goodies!

UPDATE: My Pretty Pink Boxes have sold out within less than a week! November boxes will be released November 13th.


  1. mmmm YUMMMMMY YUMMMY goodies.... i swear -- seeing everyone else's other random samples makes me just want to order up another box....

    now im on the fenc... do i wait for next month's box, or just get another + next months!!! ahahha gaaaahhh!!!

  2. Nice samples from the pink box! :)

    Adam Beauty has cheap Japanese products or the cheapest ones I found online. It's written in HK money, but I heard you divide by 7 and that will be the American cash. Someone told me it doesn't adjust to American USD until at the end when you buy it. There's no shipping but a flat $2 fee. So if you buy a lot, it's still $2 fee. Here's the link check it out... lol~ I'm also tempted to buy some myself. :X

  3. Lol~ Blogging is a vicious cycle. You're always wanting to buy things from looking at people's blog even I noticed that about me. :X

    I have never ordered from that website but someone told me about it who ordered. I might buy some in the future. :X If you order from that site, I can't wait to see your haul... hehe~

    How does the green look on you? :)

  4. OOOHHH look at all the goodies!!!


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