Monday, October 20, 2008

Rice Bran Beauty Review

Just tried the Komenuka Bijin Cleansing Powder...first let me say I was a little put off by how the powder looks when it mixes with water, sort of like dissolved aspirin in your hand (and honestly it kinda smells that way too), but it did feel very gentle on my face and my face felt soft after I rinsed it off. Then the boo factor...I applied night cream and felt a mild burning sensation in my skin again. Nooooo! It wasn't painful but felt like I'd scrubbed my face raw. Bummer. I really wanted to like this product since I love the concept and Asian (particularly Japanese) products but I think perhaps my skin is allergic to one or some of the ingredients. So much for being Asian and using an Asian product. My bank account thanks me though. I hope if anyone else tries it you fare better off than I did. I'm thankful I got samples to try before I threw away $30. I caution those with skin that is somewhat dry or sensitive...everyone should definitely try a sample first!

UPDATE: Whoops! This was actually an unfinished entry (and therefore my very raw thoughts) that I accidentally published while doing my blog makeover on November 16, 2008. If it weren't for your comments, I wouldn't have realized, hehe.

Sadly I've come to believe that rice bran beauty isn't for me. I tried the Komenuka Bijin shampoo and conditioner samples. They had a clean scent or hardly any scent to them, but within 24 hours my hair felt like it had a sticky residue coat to it.


  1. Hey Diana,
    Can you show us how this product looks? Also, I think it's cool how you and Tia have hints of European and Asian ancestry! The sad thing about being HMONG is that, well.. We can't trace that far back besides to CHINA. I have read a few articles stating that the Hmong people first lived in the Middle east! But, it's hard to believe..

  2. Wait, I just looked it up and OMG, I wanted to buy those. Good thing I read this blog. Where may I get samples. Anyone selling samples that you know of?

  3. I LOVE the new look girl!!! Soooo sexy woman!

  4. Dude that sooo sucks!! Like you said though. Good thing you tried the sample first! I hear you on the asian for asian thing. I always tend to be swayed into trying things "made" for asians, just because I am one!!! LOL!!


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