Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sweet Sunday

I love sweets...I stumbled across a local cupcake shop today so of course I had to try my first red velvet cupcake! I can't compare it to Sprinkles since I've yet to go but it's nice to find a local cupcake shop. I love cupcakes so much I even own a book just so I can drool over the pictures...and maybe one day when I have my own kitchen I'll try all of the recipes.

the princess cupcake...
My sister had bought some really cute, girlie boxes at Dollar Tree a while back and I wanted to find some. Unfortunately I didn't but I did come across some $1.00 L.A. Colors items!

I've seen L.A. Colors listed on Cherry Culture and I've been curious how they are. Time to start googling for blog reviews...(so much for what I said a couple of blogs ago about trying to be a minimalist).

I also had butter pecan and chocolate malted crunch ice cream for lunch. Yes, totally filled me up!

And that, m'dears, is how I like my Sundays...sweet with sweets and makeup goodies. I hope everyone had a nice weekend!


  1. mayb it is suppose to be snow white.. hahahah yUmmmie cupcakes!! i Love em!! yes im droolin!!

  2. I love cupcakes as well! :) I want some right now... lol~ :P

    Ohhh~ The L.A. Colors lipgloss look gorgeous, as well as, the purple eyeshadow palette. I can't wait for your review! :)

    Trust me I'm not too good with eyeshadow. I'm sure you will look good or even better when you get the Kate eyeshadow palette! :) Thanks for the compliment though! :) I love it... hehe~

  3. The cupcake looks so good! I love red velvet as well. I don't know about the LA Colors 6 eyeshadow palette but the 12 e/s palette is not pigmented at all and feels like chalk.


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