Monday, October 27, 2008

TAG!! I'm It...Who's Next?!

I was tagged !!

Here are the Rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you
2. Post the rules on your blog
3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs
5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on his/her website

Six Random Things About Me...

1. I am what my friend Hannah calls a "Japanophile" - fascinated with all things Japanese. I'm slooooooowly learning Japanese and I really want to go to Tokyo to shop and go wild, haha.

2. I am a total night person. I love being up at 3 a.m. as opposed to 8 a.m. I feel more free and happy, and not restricted or confined or forced to conform with society.

3. By nature I'm open, bubbly, affectionate, nurture, I'm private, emotionally guarded, or I can be downright cold. What most people get is something in-between.

4. I have a Things To Do Before I Die list. One of those things is to go skydiving!

5. I am the queen of multitasking and do a little of everything at the same time. It takes forever for me to get one thing done unless I become obsessed. For example, I'm currently reading A Girl Becomes A Comma Like That, The Audacity of Hope, and The Great Gatsby.

6. I get addicted to things easily. Current addiction? Blogger, of course! (17 posts this month compared to the average two posts before.) But I should really get addicted to writing since I'm applying for grad school. =)

And now I tag:



  1. Ahhhh a tagging game too bad on my end it ends there because you're the only one on my list. Thanks for tagging me though

  2. Thanks for tagging me! :) I will definitely do it after I do the other tag game first... hehe~ I need to start cracking into these games.

    Wow you crochet and knit. Oh that's cool! :)

    I think we're all into Japanese products from what I noticed... hehe~

  3. I tagged you back for a different one... lol~ ;)

  4. Ohhhh! I read Great Gatsby! :) I even watched the movie. I had to. Lol! I had to write an essay for my english class before :/ I ended up liking the story :D

  5. I was a librarian assistant when I was in college. I worked there part-time putting books away... lol~ :X I actually enjoyed it! :)

    I actually have a teaching credential which I got last December. I want my own class but it's the worst time to get your credential with all the lay offs. :( Stupid economy... lol~ :X

    My crocheting skills are low, but I've gotten better when it comes to knitting. You need to read books that's how I learned. :) Nobody ever taught me any of these skills unfortunately. :/

    Don't worry about the questions and being nosy. I pretty much answer everything unless it's really personal. :P

  6. Thanks for the price info! :) I want to buy some magazines eventhough I can't read a single japanese! Haha! My dad actually worked at the embassy of Tokyo, Japan. He learned a few sentences. lol. My little sister is addicted to anime. Her dream is to go to Japan! Mee too! I just wanna go and shop there! :D I also love japanese horror movies. They give me shivers. haha! :)

    Yeah there's a movie version of Great Gatsby. I dunno if they have it at Blockbusters, but for sure they have it at local libraries. :)

    My skin is not that great. If you look closer, I have these little fleshy bumps on my forehead. They're not a lot but it bothers me. I dunno why they won't disappear. They are not noticeable but I still hate it. I also get monthly zits and sometimes they leave scars. :(

  7. And about my storage, yeah I love decorating things. I'm thinking of putting some pink stickers on my storage as well. haha! & I'm still thinking on how to decorate the inside of my car :D

  8. Tagged again... I gotta run faster! LOL!! You and Kimberly got me!!

  9. I know! I was lookin at all the cute stuff they use but there's no way in hell I'd use that stuff again so I just worked with some scarfs! haha... And all I had was a teeny pink clip on flower! bwahaha....


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