Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sabon Goodness and 20% Off Sale

I hate to do this to you...but I just popped over to the Sabon® NYC website and saw this:

Sabon 20% Off Sale (Online Only)

Yup...same as the sale that suckered me in last month! If you're interested in trying Sabon, now's a good time so you can take advantage of the sale (ends December 31st)!

So without further ado, here are the indulgent skin treats I'd ordered. My, my, they are decadent and make my skin feel and smell delicious!!

coming home to this made me very happy...

Body Scrub in Tropic

I had to try this body scrub recommended by Mona. Exfoliation is a must for me, especially in the dry seasons, and I'm so glad I got this! The consistency is similar to an ice slushy, but of course it's Dead Sea salt and it also covers your body in moisturizing oils. Plus, it smells diviiiiiiiiiiiiiine, I tell you!

Info taken from the website...

"This bestselling Body Scrub is a Sabon classic, based on Dead Sea salt crystals and drenched in macadamia, almond and soy bean oils. The salts are mineral rich and are perfect for the gentle removal of dead skin cells to reveal new and radiant skin. Use twice weekly to improve circulation, and to nourish the skin. Recommended for all skin types. Choose from Lavender Apple, Lemon Mint, Patchouli Lavender Vanilla, Vanilla Coconut and Tropic."

Good to Know
"Macadamia oil is unique in that it contains palmitoleic acid which is a key ingredient in our skins' sebum. As we age, our bodies produce less of this natural oil. Almond oil is light and easily absorbed. Dead Sea salts heal eczema and psoriasis. Recommend using a wooden scoop to dispense. See Accessories. No animal testing."

Sabon Body Lotion in Carrot

I had to get a full size of this ever since Mayaari gifted me the purse/travel size tube for my birthday. The scent is very unique, and it may sound silly but it makes me feel sophisicated and all grown up and womanly wearing it! Also, the anti-aging properties are a big bonus in my book.

"With the dreamiest, creamiest texture imaginable, this lotion is lightly scented with the finest aromatherapy oils, providing mood balancing at its best. Bursting with beta-carotene known for its anti-aging characteristics, Carrot is an earthy blend that is as nutritious as it is enchanting. Recommended for all skin types."

Good to Know
"Contains SPF4 for everyday protection. Reccomended for all skin types. Carrot seed oil is a powerful anti-oxidant, so it is especially healing for damaged skin, burns, frostbite, stretch marks and scars. No animal testing."


Sabon Creamy Scrub in Carrot

Pam had recommended the foamy scrub to me (which I still may try in the future), but as I was browsing the site, I couldn't help but find myself drawn to this creamy scrub instead since it's recommended for sensitive skin (whereas the faomy scrub is recommended for normal to oily skin), and of course, it's Carrot! So it not only has a scent I already know and find comforting, haha, it also has the anti-oxidants and anti-aging benefits.

"Sabon Creamy Scrub is our most gentle body scrub. Our secret recipe using ground peach kernels and crushed olive seeds makes a winning vitamin- packed combination, almost good enough to eat. This cream-based scrub is great for those with sensitive skin. Choose from Chamomile Vanilla, Carrot; Patchouli and Vanilla Coconut. All skin types. "

Good to Know
"Contains a high level of anti-oxidants and vitamins which perform a natural anti aging role. The carrot flavor contains carrot seed oil (beta carotene) which helps to reverse sun damage. Scrubbing for only a minute a day stimulates blood circulation and rejuvenates the body. Good for people with sensitive skin as it's the most gentle scrub. Being our lightest scrub it's perfect for everyday use, bringing softness to the skin on a daily basis. Contains a high level of anti-oxidants and vitamins which performs a natural anti aging role. Recommend using a wooden scoop to dispense. See Accessories. No animal testing."

Sabon also gifted me a nice slice of Amber soap (not pictured).

For those curious, I would definitely say the quality of Sabon is hands down better than that of Korres, especially since their prices are fairly comparable (ex: $26 for 200 ml/7.04 Fl. oz. Sabon butter cream compared to $29 for 235 ml/7.95 Fl. oz. Korres body butter). While I still like to use Korres guava body butter now and then (it does smell nice and reminds me of summer), its actual moisturizing properties are low, especially given how much it costs (it does next to nothing for winter dry hands).

I've been pretty spendy this past month and a half or so, so I'm going to resist this Sabon sale...even though I'm eying a few things, such as...

Tell me, what are your body skincare indulgences??


  1. Anything over $15 is a body skincare indulgence! LOL! But you guys talk about this Sabon so often! One day!

  2. merry x'mas too!
    wow... i can say that u are really, really addicted with bath stuff! haha xD the scoop is so cute!

  3. Oh dear, I want me some Sabon too! I love the whimsical prints =D

  4. Nice Sabon hauls! I ordered 2 body scrubs last months. I am tempted to get the Tropic body scrub now.

  5. thanks for posting this! i want me some scrubbies!

  6. OMG I don't need this...but I want it!! Off to 'browse' the sabon website. =)

  7. i forgot which scents I liked from sabon since it's been 4 years since I visited NYC! I was broke from the trip so I couldn't afford any from the store! I wish I could remember which ones I liked now that I can order from the site easily.


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